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As a curator, my mission has always been to make culture more accessible to my city. I’ve always known that art and entertainment are some of the most influential and impactful platforms to be a part of. Early in my youth, I decided to devote my professional career and life to creating and helping mold outlets that promote not only the city’s artistry, but the well being of its community. 

Additionally, I have led multicultural projects like spoken word showcases, jazz series, dance initiatives and more!  These last few years, I have gained much experience with how the world receives information so a combined interest in experimental marketing, producing, directing, and branding have led me to where I am now.


I’ve witnessed first hand how these avenues have birthed more opportunities for everyone in proximity to its greatness. Furthermore, I am a firm believer that creativity is the vehicle that will drive the progression of change. I want the work I do to undoubtedly lead a renaissance of change that will contribute to the break down of barriers and set new standards on how people embrace life & cultural differences.



I have had the extreme pleasure of working alongside some of the region’s top organizations and agencies, such as:

Afropunk, SXSW, The Contemporary Art Center, The Bootsy Collins Foundation, Aids Healthcare Foundation,  Artswave,  amongst others.

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